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Whether you’re just beginning your skincare journey or looking to streamline your routine, Curology’s Starter Set makes it easy to meet your glow goals. This skincare set features a trio of our most-loved skincare essentials, designed and tested by dermatologists to deliver the best results in just three simple steps.

Curology Starter Set

    • Gentle Cleanser (aka the Cleanser): Wash away dirt and excess oil without stripping skin or clogging pores with the Gentle Cleanser. The lightly foaming, gel texture is made for all skin types but is especially loved by those with sensitive skin.

    • Gel Moisturizer (aka the Moisturizer): Give your skin a quick boost of hydration with the Gel Moisturizer. Thanks to its lightweight, buildable formula, this everyday moisturizer easily works into your skin and routine.

    • Emergency Spot Patch: Have a surprise spot? Grab an Emergency Spot Patch! These hydrocolloid bandages provide fast-acting healing support for sudden blemishes by concealing spots while absorbing fluid and excess oil.

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