May’s Amazon Haul & Dyson Airwrap Review

I feel like I’ve been totally missing out on the jackpot. I’ve definitely shopped Amazon for household items such as coffee pods (hello life saving subscription!) but I never thought to search for clothes. Like real clothes. Like the exact same clothes that I buy on Shopbop. I must just never have paid attention to that top little tagline at the top reading “Free Shipping and Free Returns with Amazon Prime.” Say what!?

1 – Valencia & Vine Dress | 2 – Rattan Earrings | 3 – Revlon Dryer

4 – Parrot Earrings | 5 – Likely Top | 6 – Toma’s Sunless Tanning

So here I am now even more addicted to the e-commerce giant and finding some seriously adorable things. Like the rattan earrings (#2) I can.not.stop.wearing. They’re light-weight, on trend and SUPER affordable. And this dress (#1) – it had me at the leopard print but the smocked bodice -which I’m loving right now – completely sold me. The parrot earrings (#4) haven’t arrived yet, but I can’t wait to pair them with some bright maxi dresses and this top by Likely. They too were under $10 and made from sequins so I’m hoping they’re as adorable in person as they were online!

And let’s talk about this Revlon Volumizing Dryer. I waited months and months, stalking different sites for the Dyson Airwrap Hair Kit to come back in stock. And it did. And I purchased it immediately! As soon as it arrived I whipped out all the attachments and couldn’t wait to try it out. I must have been doing something wrong because I wasn’t blown away. So I watched different YouTube video tutorials and I followed everything step by step and yet, I still wasn’t impressed. I’m not sure if it’s because I have longer, wavy hair but the curls fell almost instantly and I didn’t feel like the brush attachments were de-frizzing at all. Plus I still had to separate my hair into sections which I didn’t find to speed up my normal routine. Now the blowdryer did speed up the time a little bit, but considering the $550 price tag, I wanted to love all the attachments, and I didn’t. I was super bummed. This one YouTube tutorial compared the Dyson brush attachment to this Revlon Volumizing Dryer and after she was done, I had to admit that I liked the Revlon side better! But to make sure I wasn’t about to be double bummed, I ordered the Revlon before I returned the Dyson and gave it a try. I LOVED it. It left my hair feeling so smooth, without much frizz at all. I was able to get to my root so there were no weird kinks with my wavy hair, and it saved me time since it was a dryer & volumizer in one! Plus my hair felt light which is huge for me! I highly recommend this product – especially if you have long, wavy, or thick hair!

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