Blue Jean Baby

We would joke and call my dad Captain America growing up. Every summer we would have bunting displayed at our house, the American flag flew all year round, and the 4th of July is most likely his favorite holiday. We would always be out on the Potomac River anchored under the Washington Monument to watch the DC fireworks! As soon as I put this look on I thought of him. Yes for the obvious- it’s red white and blue… but if he’s Captain America then I’m his All American Blue Jean Baby.

It’s a fail all look, blue jeans, a red stripe shirt, and a denim jacket. Plus, without getting too political, little All American looks serves as a good reminder that some may think that we’re in rough shape right now, but it’s all of us and our love for America to rally together and appreciate how good we have it!

Now let’s talk about these jeans. I talked about how much I am loving the high rise trend in this post, but in all seriousness I can’t believe I ever wore low jeans! They’re so uncomfortable to me now! Another surprise to me is how much I’m loving J.Crew’s jeans right now. In the past I found their jeans to be too stiff and made for women who are tall and slim. I’m short and curvy so I had written off J.Crew’s jeans for a long time until purchasing these jeans. They are so comfortable, not my typical skinny jean, and I love the button fly detail! They really make me feel like an All American Blue Jean Baby!

C’s Tip: J.Crew’s Straightaway jean run a bit big so I would suggest sizing down. I also suggest getting the Horchata Latte @ Mia’s Coffeehouse on 15th & A NE D.C. 


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